Sunday, 8 November 2015


Click to enlarge, click again for optimum size.  (Excuse the dust)

You're looking at three different diecast models of
the BATMOBILE.  Two are the 1966 TV version, by
HUSKY and MATTEL respectively, and the third is the
'60s comicbook version by JOHNNY LIGHTNING.
(The Husky is an actual toy from the '60s, whereas
the other two are more recent releases.)

The latter two come without figures, but there are
places where you can buy replica Husky BATMAN &
ROBIN replacement parts, so I purchased two pairs.  I'd
thought it would be an easy job of simply slipping them
into place, but it proved to be more complicated.

Quite a bit of time-consuming trimming needed to
be performed first, and I had to separate each pair by
removing the small piece of plastic linking the two figures
together.  In the case of the Mattel car I simply glued them
into place, as I have around 11 others still in their blister
packs in pristine condition so I can afford to be a
little reckless with at least one of them.

With the Johnny Lightning car, Batman is held in
place by the steering wheel, and Robin is affixed to his
seat by a piece of double-sided tape.  That way, if I ever
want to divest the car of the figures, I can do so with-
out damaging  it in some way.

Anyway, I think the figures improve the cars'
appearance no end, so I thought I'd let you all cop a
gander.  The figures in the Husky car are original ones,
in case you wondered.  Don't they all look great?


Graham said...

I had the one on the far left. It's probably still at my mother's house. My daughters used to play with it when they were visiting. I remember my mom buying it for me at the 5 & 10 cent store when I was four or five.

Kid said...

It's worth a fair few bob these days, G. I'd get 'round to your mother's before she throws it out, although I'd imagine it has quite a bit of 'play-wear' after all these years.

baab said...

I really like them.

Kid said...

Ta, Baab, but no - I'm not sending them to you. Buy your own.

DeadSpiderEye said...

That's the whitest table top I've ever seen, I need to go out and get some Vim now.

Kid said...

Actually, DSE, it's only a sheet of paper sitting on top of my keyboard. The camera flash makes it look whiter than it really is.

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