Saturday, 1 August 2015


Here's a little slice of yesteryear for all those
of a certain age.  It doesn't seem all that long ago
that these were regular ads on British TV, but I was
likely still a teenager the last time I saw them.  (Not
counting '100 best ads' type programmes, of
course.)  Whatever happened to TUFTY, eh?


Colin Jones said...

Tufty seems a bit big to be holding Mummy's hand - he's the same size as her. Of course I remember these ads (or public information films) very well but I also remember the Green Cross Man so was Tufty replaced by him as there weren't two different kinds of road safety campaigns at the same time, were there ? I liked those 'Charlie Says' ads best, the boy and his cat.

Phil said...

He didn't cross at the zebra crossing and ended up as roadkill I suspect. Why didn't they say cross at the crossing why don't you eh?

Phil said...

Also that poor weasel! I went lol. Ian surprised he wasn't smoking and wearing a leather jacket and called Stupid the weasel.

Kid said...

Tufty's a bit big to be holding Mummy's hand, CJ? That's nothing - I breast-fed 'til I was 25. Yeah, I think The Green Cross Code Man was the new direction, but the old ads still appeared occasionally as well (I think).


Don't worry, Phil - they're all just acting. I hear that Tufty was up for a Bafta.

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