Friday, 7 August 2015


Don't ask me what went wrong with the cover of TV CENTURY
21 SUMMER EXTRA, released back in the summer (natch) of 1965.
(Or should that be 2065?)  Why, what's wrong with it you might be ask-
ing.  'Make your own GARTOON characters' says the cover blurb.
Got it?  'GARTOONS', not 'CARTOONS'.

There are at least three possible explanations, so let's speculate for
a moment.  It's just a mistake is the most obvious one, but let's stretch
it out for a bit, because I need to fill space and, when it comes to what
I write,  I'm my own biggest fan.  (No surprise there then, eh?)

The cartoonist's name is 'Garfield', or 'Gartshore', or something
beginning with 'Gar', so it's intended simply as a pun.  Not convinced?
Nah, neither am I.  How about this?  The designer had run out of the
letter 'C' in his LETRASET rub-down transfers - used a 'G', intend-
ing to turn it into a 'C' - and then got distracted or just forgot.

Right, that's all I can think of, but if you've got a better idea,
impress your fellow Criv-ites with it in the comments section.


Colin Jones said...

Whoever was responsible for the lettering was drunk or needed glasses. A silly mistake like that would spoil the whole issue for me - it would play on my mind continually.

Kid said...

I've got the comic, CJ, and I while can't say that it ruins the whole issue for me (I don't remember even noticing the mistake when I was a kid), it certainly makes me wonder how it ever got past the editor.

DeadSpiderEye said...

Gosmic Gapers, it doesn't bare thinking about. What was it by the way?

Kid said...

It was a little cardboard 'wallet' which opened to show a pic of Troy Tempest - into which could be slipped strips of card with bits of other characters on them. The same idea as Foldees, but done slightly differently.

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