Tuesday, 11 August 2015


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I'm a creature of habit.  Every Saturday, back in the 1970s,
myself and some pals would drop in to BAIRDS tea room on the
top floor of the prestigious Scottish department store and partake of
some tea and cakes.  Invariably, I'd have some newly-bought comics
with me, which I'd flick through while waiting to be served.  (It was
waitress service at that time.)  So some of the images you see
before you I associate with that time and place.

I also associate them with my house, because once back
home, I'd pore over those comics in greater detail.  At some time
in the late '70s or early '80s, I gave all my CAPTAIN BRITAINs
to a pal (with the exception of #1), but in the mid-'80s, I acquired a
replacement set, in dribs and drabs, of the complete 39 issues.  We
were living in another house by then, so that means, whenever I
look at these comics today, I associate them not only with the
tea room, but two different houses in equal measure.

I find it quite strange that I can look at a comic and think of
my room in the house I lived at the time of my original purchase,
while also almost simultaneously thinking of the room in the house
I stayed when I acquired its replacement years later.  As I've said
before somewhere, it sometimes seems like I've lived two lives
around the same set of comics.  Bizarre or what?

However, you're not here to read my waffle - it's the
comics you're interested in!  So, considerate host that I am,
I'll now shut up and let you jump into the good stuff.


Colin Jones said...

I suppose I have two different associations for the comics I read too - the original stories in the Marvel UK weeklies in the '70s and then when I've re-read them in the Essential volumes over the years since 2002. I've used the Hunter's POTA website to re-read all the POTA stories so I now associate them as much with my laptop as with the original POTA weekly.

Kid said...

H'mm, just can't get into reading comics online, CJ (alias Groot) - to me, it's a poor second.

Phil said...

Had them and still remember those CB stories! And those connect the dots... I mean I know comics are for kids but we weren't that dumb. I would have settled for a Jack Kirby pin up.
Btw does anyone know how the Brian Braddock CB became the one with the guardsmen boots? What happened?

Kid said...

I should know what happened with the boots as I have all the CB stories, but I can't remember. I suppose, with the puzzle pages, they were just trying to cater to younger as well as older readers (and they filled a space).

Dougie said...

With regards to Phil's question: the original CB was last seen in the UK Hulk comic's b/w Black Knight strip. During that Tolkienesque serial, CB was sent from the mystical Otherworld back to Earth and next appeared in the "guardsman" uniform in Marvel Superheroes, September 1981.

That's the "how"- magic. As for the "why", my understanding is UK editor Paul Neary wanted a change of image. Artist Alan Davis is quoted as saying that the Lion Rampant was too comically reminiscent of the food safety egg symbol.

Kid said...

Thanks, Dougie. That'll save me looking it up, lazy buggah that I am. And I'm sure that Phil will thank you also once he sees your comment.

Phil said...

Ok Dougie. Thanks I always wondered. Yeah the Black Knight! I remember that strip too, I always liked that character. Both Sir Percy and Dane Whitman.

Phil said...

And believe it or not today I just found out how Brian Braddock's sister turns into an Asian assassin named Psylocke.
Turns out she was going undercover to penetrate the Mandarin's gang so they turned her Asian and left her that way.

Kid said...

Maybe they should have left Bond that way in YOLT. After all, it was so convincing.

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