Monday, 6 July 2015


...that he'll be continuing in the role for a good while
yet.  (Ha!  Had you going there for a second, eh?)


Shame that this Glasgow Police Telephone box is
on a concrete platform.  Because of that, and the fact
I'm leaning back against it, I look almost like a dwarf.
However, I think this is an intriguing look for the new
eventually packs it in.  

Are you paying attention, BBC?


Colin Jones said...

Was that your "Alan Moore" period, Kid ?

moonmando said...

Ah,that was the distinguished Russian author phase. You almost looked like you had stepped out of the Tardis. :)

Kid said...

He copied me, CJ, so he's still in his Kid Robson period.


Ra Ra Rasputin! Stepped out of the Tardis? Er, well that was the idea, Moony.

Joe S. Walker said...

When Capaldi goes, the BBC will almost certainly cave in to pressure from the chimps who think it's "time" for a female Doctor.

Kid said...

That's when the programme and me part company, Joe. What's next? A black, transgendered James Bond?

Colin Jones said...

But Kid, what if there was a female Doctor who looked like Caroline Munro or suchlike - would you boycott it then ? The female Master in the last series was quite good I thought - maybe a female Doctor would give the show a shot in the arm.

Kid said...

But it wouldn't be, would it, CJ? It'd be some 'mumsy woman like Caroline Quentin.

baab said...

That is a wonderful beard.
Yes, they will attempt to make the doctor a female.
My kids are not that enamoured by mr Capaldi.

Kid said...

The beard's great for getting a seat to yourself on the bus or train, Baab. And it gives me somewhere to carry my lunch.

I don't think it's Capaldi's fault. They're still giving him the same kind of scripts they gave Tennant and Smith - designed for a babbling idiot who thinks he's a stand-up comedian.

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