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And now...the concluding part of FRANK MILLER's and
gallery.  The saga came to be collectively known as BORN AGAIN
when all seven issues were gathered together in a softcover edition
in 1987.  (You can see the cover at the foot of this post.)

This was one of the very best series that MARVEL published in
the '80s - in stark contrast to comics like SECRET WARS, which 
may have sold a bundle, but paled into insignificance when compared
against the brilliance of Miller's and Mazzucchelli's masterpiece.

So, to jog your memory if you were fortunate enough to have
enjoyed this series back in the day, here are a few select images
for you to drool over - which you can also do even if you've never
seen them before.  What can I say?  I like everyone to be happy -
that's just the sort of thoroughly decent chap I am. 


Graham said...

Wow! Gonna have to dig this one out of and re-read it. That page with DD before the big climax with fire blazing in the background gave me goose bumps when I first saw it.

Kid said...

Probably the best seven issue storyline there's ever been. A far better read than Moore's Watchmen as well, I'd say.

Graham said...

I agree. It has held up much better over time, too.

Kid said...

Indeed - a true classic.

Gey Blabby said...

It was certainly a very ambitious effort by Miller - what with the introduction of Nuke and Captain America to a story that had started out so intensely focused on Matt Murdock - but he managed to tie it up in a satisfying manner - similar in a lot of ways to Dark Knight Returns, in fact.

Dunsade Dave said...

I certainly find it a more enjoyable read than Watchmen, although Watchmen has much that I enjoy too.

Something I hadn't really taken in until seeing all the splash pages together is how Matt starts each issue almost in a foetal position- part of the 'born again' theme, I suppose. How have I never noticed that before?

Some of the dialogue is engraved in my memory too; ...'a man without hope is a man without fear', '...what must have been a hideous effort of will...', 'gimme a white', '...say it back so I know you are not without ears', and of course '5b 5b 5b 5b 5b 5b.'

One of the comics industry's greatest achievements, without a doubt.

Kid said...

I'd like a nice hardback copy - I'll have to check and see if one is available. Miller really got it right with this one - funny how he made such a turkey with The Spirit movie.

Paul McScotty -Muir said...

I would say this was the best series of the 80s (along with Batman; Year One by the same team) I like Alan Moore's work but I always thought "Watchmen" over hyped although no t as much as the "Killing Joke " was(and average story with it has to be said amazing Bolland art) Both enjoyable but imho he has done better.

There was a hardback editions published in 2009 for this series and Im sure I've seen this around in shops recently - I read that IDW were going to produce one od those oversized artist editions of this series (not sure if its the whole run of a selection) but they are in the £90 range


Kid said...

Those artist editions look amazing, McScotty, but I just can't accommodate their dimensions anywhere in my house - I'm almost out of space as it is. I'd agree that this is probably the best series of the '80s. I liked Year One also, but I don't think it quite matched the emotional impact of Born Again. Thanks for the link, I'll start hunting now.

Colin Jones said...

So what will you do when you finally run out of space in your house, Kid ? Will you stop collecting things - surely not ?!!

Kid said...

By the time I run out of space, CJ, I reckon I'll have everything I want - so I won't need any more space. Although, if push came to shove, I suppose I could always empty the family crypt in the cellar.

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