Tuesday, 23 September 2014


Having dug out my 1974 VALIANT Annual to scan KELLY'S
EYE for a previous post, I thought I'd see what else it contained before
I tucked it away again.  And you're in luck - if you're a  DOCTOR WHO
fan, that is.  What follows is a six page feature on JON PERTWEE's
incarnation of the TARDIS-travelling Time lord - so hang on to your
hats - we're about to jump back forty years into the past.

Incidentally, TERRY NATION later confessed that his account
of how he thought up the DALEKS' name was a 'creative fib'.  Which
should've been obvious right from the start, really, as no encyclopaedia
covers the letters DAL to LEK - they're not even in proper alphabetical
order.  See, you learn something new on this blog every day (unless
you knew it already, of course).


John Pitt said...

So glad you took another look. Thanks for sharing!

Kid said...

A pleasure, JP. Still got at least one more story to run.

DeadSpiderEye said...

Roger Delgado has been heavily retouched, looks suspicously like they clipped some artwork from a strip, of a 16th Century Spanish nobleman perhaps, he even looks like he's wearing a ruff.

Kid said...

I suspect, DSE, that it was a poor photo that needed a bit of re-touching to make it clearer. Perhaps Roger wasn't wearing his syrup.

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