Tuesday, 27 July 2021



Reassuring to see that Marvel are still publishing their Facsimile Editions, as testified to by Werewolf By Night #32 popping through my liltin' letterbox this morning.  Moon Knight makes his debut appearance in this issue, so it's undoubtedly a collectors' item on that basis alone.  Don't recall ever having the original back in the day, but it's good to finally add this handsome honey of a mag to my collection 46 years later.

One gripe is that I feel the barcode box is needlessly prominent and could easily be less intrusive on the cover, as it's been on a few (but not all) previous editions.  That aside though, even if you own the original mag, it'd be a good idea to grab this facsimile to have a reading copy to hand for whenever you want to dabble in its delights, o dedicated disciple of daring and dynamic drama!


Rip Jagger said...

I'm a fan of this early more pulp-oriented version of the Moon Knight. When they slicked up his costume to make it more bat-like (in my opinion) they lost some of the sheer groovy panache of this early Don Perlin rendition. I never had this one when it came out but got it much later for a pretty penny when Marvel completism took me over in the 80's. (I've long since recovered thankfully.)

Rip Off

McSCOTTY said...

Despite loving werewolf films and comic stories I was never a big fan of this comic at the time although I did enjoy the Moon Night comic from the late 1970's (and the recent one drawn by Greg Smallwood) . I have read that a lot of folk really liked the Werewolf by Night comic so I might pick this up next time I am in Glasgow. I picked up a couple of issues last year (issue 9 and 13) that I still haven't read yet so I will (try) give them a read as well.

Colin Jones said...

There seemed to be a period in the mid-Seventies when Gil Kane was drawing every single Marvel cover. He certainly drew a lot of them!

Kid said...

Yeah, it's strange that Marvel tried to pitch Moon Knight as their version of Batman when Daredevil was a much better fit and was later accorded that particular distinction, RJ. Was never a huge fan of MK, but I enjoyed a few issues of his own mag back in the '70s.


I think it was Mike Ploog's art (when he was drawing the mag) that attracted readers to Werewolf By Night, McS, 'cos the art in this ish is nothing much to shout about. I've actually got a collected edition of the early WBN issues, which I really must sit down and read some day, if I haven't already. (There's so much I forget these days.)


I guess his art helped sell the mags, CJ, though I think on this particular cover, Moon Knight looks a bit stunted. However, he could certainly draw attractive women.

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