Monday, 2 April 2012


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As promised, here's the second FIREBALL XL5 story from the 1964 GOLD KEY one-shot, based on GERRY ANDERSON 's very first series set in the twenty-first century.  (SUPERCAR had been set in what was then present day.)  Some of the shots of Fireball are a little suspect, but the artist may have been working from sparse reference material so let's not hold it against him.  The art may not measure up against MIKE NOBLE's beautifully illustrated XL5 tales from TV CENTURY 21, but it's a nice little collectors' item for all those who wish they were a spaceman. And now you can read it for yourselves, you lucky peeps.  Click here to see Steve's encounter with The MOON MASTERS!

And let's not forget the back-page pin-up for all you completists.

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