Sunday, 29 April 2012


Back in 1976, I submitted a one page strip to the late comics collector
and historian DENIS GIFFORD's new magazine, ALLY SLOPER. Denis
wrote back, saying that the inking style I had employed wouldn't reproduce
too well so he would be unable to use it. (Probably his polite way of saying
it was cr*p.) However, he complimented me on my lettering, saying he had
no doubt I would be able to make a living from it were I so inclined.

I immediately replied, offering my services as a letterer, and he
responded with the missive which you can read above. Unfortunately,
his first letter is lost to the mists of time and hence I can't reproduce it
here. (I'm not quite sure by what stroke of good fortune his second one
survived.) If it hadn't been for Denis, it would probably never have
occurred to me to seek employment as a comics calligrapher.

Thanks, Denis.

Interestingly 'though, when I first started school, the very first thing
I was complimented on - even before my artwork - was my handwriting.
In fact, in both Primaries and the Secondary school I attended, my hand-
writing was the first thing to be noticed and commented upon, leaving me
to wonder if I was fulfilling some kind of destiny when I started sign-
writing and then eventually lettering for comics many years later.

Another thing I was good at as a boy was finding money - so let's
hope I'm fated to come into possession of large amounts of the stuff
soon.  I must remember to buy myself a Lottery ticket this coming
Wednesday. (It could be me!)  Anyone know if it's a rollover?


For Part Two, click here.

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