Friday, 20 April 2012



And now, by means of my own personal time machine, we return to the year 1967 and another six covers and back-page pin-ups from FANTASTIC, published by ODHAMS PRESS when the world was younger and seemed a much better place to be.  (If you were fortunate enough not to live in some war-torn or impoverished nation, obviously.)  Look at great the art on display: JACK KIRBY, WERNER ROTHBARRY SMITH, etc.  Didn't someone once say the past was a foreign country?  Don't worry though - passports aren't required if you're with your Unca Kid.  Enjoy - or I'll want to know the reason why!


baab said...

i love that these reprints existed,
I wish I had known of them.
But I really dont like the posters,
The classics are fine but ..

Marvel used to throw in a double page poster in the titans that were drawn by artists with a lot less flair than the contents.
Its interesting that Barry Smith is involved in some.

My big thing was the artwork,I did not even consider the writers until I was well into my twenties (figure that out,I cant)
I used to do the ,I will name that artist in one,a lot of the times I could name the inker also...(used to impress my younger brother)
So if I saw someone doing a bad impression of my fave artists it would give me the boak!

The reason I mention this is that you have a fondness for some of these pin-ups,and I want to know why.
Elsewhere you do appear to be quite meticulous in your criticisms, having good reasons and able to express them,but these pin-ups appear to have something for you....

care to elaborate?

Kid said...

Ah, baab, you haven't been paying strict attention. Elsewhere on one of these posts, I admitted that a lot of the back-page pin-ups were terrible. Any fondness I display towards some things sometimes springs merely from a sense of nostalgia and not necessarily artistic accomplishment.

baab said...

thats what i thought.

In a conversation it would have been a moment in a discussion and gone....
I am still getting used to blogging.

I have obviously read it on here ,just forgot.

looking forward.

Kid said...

Glad you're enjoying it. Another post coming up soon.

Nick Caputo said...


with the exception of the Hulk and Iron-Man, taken from the second set of MMMS posters altered by Marie Severin most of the pin-ups look like Barry Smith's work, especially Spidey and Balder.

Some of the covers used are taken from unaltered stats, most noticably TOS 56 (The Unicorn). I always enjoy seeing them. Thanks again for posting these treasures from the past.

Kid said...

My pleasure, Nick. The fact that you - and people like you - enjoy seeing them makes it all worthwhile. And I'm glad to finally know who did that extra linework on the Hulk and Iron Man pin-ups - I thought it was too good for Odhams themselves. Thanks for the info.

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