Friday, 6 April 2012


As Good Friday is upon us, it's only fitting to present you with an
Easter-themed treat. We therefore unveil the April 13th (dated 20th) 1968
issue of one of Britain's best-loved comics of the past - SMASH! At this time,
Smash! was publishing MARVEL and DC strips within its pages - namely,
DAREDEVIL and BATMAN & ROBIN. I've included the first pages of
each strip to give those who weren't around at the time an idea of how the
pages were resized to fit the dimensions of a British weekly comic.

and GRIMLY FEENDISH - and that's only a small selection of what
was on offer in this great issue. Weren't around in 1968, eh? See what
you missed?!



baab said...

I remember the comic
I distinctly remember the left hand 'fist' logo
I dont remember the dc and marvel reprints

or do I ?

thats me reminiscing again as my wee brain searches for this stuff! hah ahah ahh!

Kid said...

The Power Comics emblem also appeared on Wham!, Pow!, Fantastic, and Terrific. That's the thing about nostalgia - it's a thing of the past. (Oh, see what I did there? Clever, eh?)

baab said...

ok Kid,have you in your possession or know of these..

magic paintbrush,(water on paper reveals the art) of marvelman/miracleman ...

It was the left hand logo that did it!
I remember cutting out a logo from a left hand corner to make a badge,i would have been 4,5 or 6 so 1968 -1970.
this one is distinct to me as i cut out all the elements in the circular logo and could not understand why they did not remain in one piece.....A mighty learning curve for me...

any ideas?

Kid said...

I remember the magic paintbrush books - might have had a Batman one. Don't remember a Marvelman one.

Off the top of my head, the only comic that suggests itself to me as having a circular logo is a Power Comic - any of the ones mentioned in my previous comment.

However, as with a lot of things, I sometimes don't remember something until I've seen it again and had my memory kick-started. This may be one of those instances.

Could it have been a copy of TV21 with the Captain Scarlet Spectrum emblem on the cover?

baab said...

No it wasnt TV21.
I will go and look at some marvelman stuff,
It may not have been a fist i was cutting out ,maybe something more intricate ,like a face,because i remember sitting with a few bits and wondering how...........thats it.

ba ba bahbahbah ba ba ba
Thanks for that.

joe ackerman said...

lovely, mate. can't think of a better way to start me day than with a spot of Grimly Feendish! cheers for that.

Kid said...

A pleasure, Joe.

Dougie said...

Yet again, another long-forgotten memory resurfaces! Blue Max, in the Batman strip, whom I hadn't given a thought to since the late 80s, at least.

The Cloak was in Pow!, wasn't he? I'd like to see some of that strip.

Kid said...

The Cloak started off in Pow!, Dougie - but ended up in Smash! for a while when the two comics merged. Some Cloak coming soon.

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