Thursday, 4 May 2017


Images copyright MARVEL COMICS

My laziness is legendary, so you surely don't expect me
to tell you anything about this book, do you?  That's why I
show you the back cover with the publisher's spiel about the
contents and any other relevant info.  One thing I will tell you
though, is that it's on sale now at all good comics shops.
That's all I need to say, so buy one while you can.


Paul McScotty Muir said...

This looks like a nice collection with one of my favourite story lines - I still remember being "gutted" when they killed off poor Gwen - I have most of these issues either the originals or other reprints but I agree it is well worth a read if anyone hasn't got these.

Kid said...

When you consider what it'd cost to buy the original issues, PM, it's an absolute steal! And I prefer the paper the Epic books are printed on to that used in the Omnibus and hardback Masterworks editions.

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