Monday, 15 May 2017


Image copyright DC COMICS

One thing that always bothered me about sidekicks
is that it sort of gave away a hero's secret identity.  Take
CAPTAIN AMERICA for example, and his teen sidekick
BUCKY - which also 'happened' to be the name of STEVE
ROGERS' sidekick (and Camp mascot).  Okay, in ROBIN's
case, his hero name was different from his real one, but an
older man kicking about with a teenager is a bit of a give-
away, right?  At the very least, it's liable to get him
talked about - in a reputation-damaging way.

That said, however, this is a great pin-up by BRIAN
BOLLAND, so let's put all these nasty thoughts out of
 our mind.  You listening, FREDRIC WERTHAM?


TC said...

And if Bruce Wayne adopted a ward (Dick Grayson) at the same time that Batman first partnered with a sidekick, and if Wayne adopted a new ward (Jason Todd, Tim Drake) each time that Batman acquired a new sidekick, that might be the final clue that an identity-hunter needed.

Kid said...

Indeed, TC. And when you think about it, that domino mask isn't much of a disguise, is it?

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