Monday, 15 May 2017


Images copyright MARVEL COMICS

When FANTASTIC #1 hit the shops 50 years ago, its
free gift was a pennant that could hold pictures cut from
the backs of the POWER PACK comics - at that time only
four, as TERRIFIC hadn't yet been released.  So here's
the paper pennant pictures, plus the pennant itself.

Maybe you could make a facsimile pennant using the
pics shown here?  Then you could attach it to your car's
aerial and drive around your neighbourhood looking like
a lord.  Right, get started then - I've given you every-
thing you need to do the job.  Don't let me down.


John Pitt said...

Ah, but we wouldn't cut them out of our beloved Power comics, would we?

Kid said...

Now you don't need to, JP. Clickety-click, print.

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