Monday, 22 May 2017


                                             Delbert Dalek was an oddball,
                                             simply just did not belong.
                                             Wouldn't answer to the shrill call,
                                             thought 'extermination' wrong.

                                             Delbert's Dalek-heart was loving,
                                             such a gentle, friendly soul.
                                             Didn't go for people-shoving -
                                             cosmic conquest not his goal.

                                             All the other Daleks plotted,
                                             didn't want him in their ranks.
                                             With his single eye he spotted
                                             their approach from all four flanks.

                                             Although Delbert was a softie,
                                             he got quickly off his mark.
                                             Never mind pretens'ons lofty,
                                             scarpered off into the dark.

                                             As he cowered all a-tremble,
                                             hidden by concealing rocks,
                                             something started to assemble -
                                             an imposing big blue box.

                                             Doctor Who had come to rescue
                                             Delbert from the Dalek throng.
                                             Del had not and never would do
                                             anything remotely wrong.

                                             "Quickly, Delbert, I will save you,
                                              jump in to my time machine."
                                              So he did and off they both flew,
                                              rescue's seldom been so clean.

                                              Delbert now lives down in Southsea,
                                              has a cottage all his own.
                                              In his garden he sips green tea,
                                              green tea he himself has grown.

                                              All the neighbours really love Del -
                                              wave when passing his front gate.
                                              When the postie rings his doorbell,
                                              it chimes out "Exterminate!"

                                              So for Del a happy ending,
                                              let's give credit where it's due:
                                              It's all thanks to that time-bending,
                                              Dalek-saving Doctor Who.


John Pitt said...

Are you making these up, Kidda?

Kid said...

You're surely not expecting anyone to own up to them, JP?

John Pitt said...

No, BUT, somebody ( cough! ) named a Dalek "Delbert" here a few years ago!
What a coincidence, eh!

Kid said...

Gosh! Yes, isn't it?!

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