Saturday, 6 August 2016


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I know I've shown the covers of the first three HULK Annuals
before, but I don't think I've shown the contents.  Well, I have now.
I got my original copy of #2 in R.S. McCOLL's in 1972 0r '73 ('74 at
the latest), and whenever I look at the cover, I'm right back in that long-
vanished shop again, wherein I bought many a comic, toy, or book.  Ah,
happy memories!  I got the replacement many years ago, but #1 & 3
are my first-bought copies, acquired around the same time as my
second copy of #2.  Who knows - maybe one day I'll buy the
fourth issue, then the fifth, etc., etc.

However, that's something for me to decide in the fullness of
time, not you.  No, your mission, if you decide to accept it, is to
peruse and enjoy the power-packed pics laid out on display before
you.  Then you can leave a comment saying which of these pages is
your favourite - and why.  Any memories associated with them?
Don't be selfish - share them with your fellow Criv-ites.


Phil S said...

All I remember is that Steranko cover and buying it for that. I don't even remember the stories. I should re read it.

Kid said...

Never liked #1 so much because I always thought The Inhumans were kinda boring. Nice Marie Severin art inside 'though.

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