Thursday, 16 July 2015


ABBOTT & COSTELLO aren't everyone's cup of
tea, admittedly - but they did produce their fair share
of laughs during their career and one of my favourites of
the duo's movie output is JACK & The BEANSTALK.
Sure, it's only a 'B' movie, and "one for the kids" (as Bud
described it on their TV show), but I have a nostalgic
affection for it, having seen it three times in a row
back in the '60s.  (1967, '68 & '69.)

After the '69 screening, the BBC didn't renew the
broadcast rights to the film for 20 years, which is when
I next saw it on TV - and for the first time in colour.  The
start and end of the film are in sepia tone, but curiously, on
TV, these sections are shown in black and white.  It wasn't
'til I bought the video release that I saw these parts as they
were meant to be.  I now have the DVD, to watch in
crystal-clear clarity whenever I feel like it.

Anyway, here's the trailer to give you a little
taste of it.  It's better than it looks - honest!


Arion said...

Ah, that's a classic!

Kid said...

It's certainly one in my book, Arion. Glad to see that someone else enjoys it.

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