Saturday, 24 January 2015


All images copyright D.C. THOMSON & Co., Ltd

Here we are with the second instalment of DCT's 'paper' for
boys, launched in January 1979 and merging with THE HOTSPUR
after a mere 54 issues.  Having shown you the strip content in part one,
there's no need to repeat myself so I'll restrict the pics to the front and
back covers - unless, of course, there's something that absolutely
cries out to be seen.

Have you any memories of this comic from 36 years ago?  What
was your favourite strip?  Did you buy the combined Hotspur &
Crunch or simply jump ship at that point?  Feel free to share your
reminiscences in our comments section  


Zounds said...

Hi, great blog post on Crunch, a comic I do remember well from my childhood. My brother bought every issue and I then bought Hotspur when the two titles merged. I really liked Mantracker, though I think Plague 2000 was my favourite strip: almost a prototypical Walking Dead. Great stuff.

Kid said...

Glad you enjoyed it, Z. Hopefully, you enjoyed the other Crunch posts as well. The covers should prompt a few memories.

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