Friday, 23 January 2015


I'm led to believe that SARAH YOUNG (who
may be quite old by now for all I know) is involved in
what is called the 'adult entertainment' industry, but let's
not hold that against her.  In this pic, she seems quite de-
mure with her cup of tea, and looks as if butter wouldn't
melt in her mouth.  Remember though, Sarah - any of
that naughty stuff around here and you're out on
your ear.  (So behave!)


SUBZERO said...

Yep, she was a big star over here in Germany when I was old enough to rent porn videos. That shows you what an old geezer ( and old pervert ) I am. Also, the first porn tapes I bought were with her.

I remember she married Hans Moser ( probably known under his pseudonym Sasha Alexander overseas ) a porn producer who had been previously married to Theresa Orlowski and became the flagship for his empire.

And I mean empire because that production company was huge in the 80 / 90s. And I also read somewhere that they produced most films in Spain because the german authorities were much too restrictive.

Anyway, I could write a very long post about Sarah Louise Young but yes, she was in adult movies. With all the porn spoofs / parodies I always wondered why she never did a Wonder Woman one. I guess, comics were not that interesting back then. Today you know a tv show has finally arrived in the mainstream pop culture when you can find porn versions of Doctor Who. ;-)

Kid said...

Who'd marry a porn 'star'? Imagine being compared every day to half a dozen other guys with whom your wife had been 'intimate'. Who needs the competition?

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