Friday, 2 January 2015


Okay, I admit it, I'm just showing off!  Above are five bound
file volumes, four of which used to belong to ODHAMS, and the
fifth one to FLEETWAY.  They were given to me by an IPC editor
who I assume just wanted the space in his office, and knowing what
a fan I was of the POWER COMICS, he offered them to me.  I
greedily accepted and they've now been in my possession for
around 25 years or so. 

Curiously, Odhams didn't include all 52 issues for the year in
their books, only 50 issues from January to December.  Had they
bound all 52 issues, the WHAM! volume would've had the final two
comics (#s 186 & 187), but the book ends with #185.  The POW!
volume has #s 1-50, the SMASH! pair contain the first 100 issues,
and GIGGLE contains the complete set.  (They're not numbered
past the first two and I can't be bothered counting them.  If only
my DENIS GIFFORD comics catalogue were handy.)

I remember buying a copy of Giggle back in the very early
1970s ('71 perhaps) from a charity shop in my neighbourhood
shopping centre and not being overly impressed by it, although the
HERLOCK SHOLMES strip lodged in my memory.  I don't recall
ever having seen the comic anywhere before that.  One day, I'll
pore through the bound volume and see if I can identify which
one it was, but I'd be surprised if I remember.

Anyway, not a bad little set of volumes
to have on one's bookshelf, eh?


TwoHeadedBoy said...

Well you've certainly kept quiet about those!

Been thinking about sticking a load of my comics into files like that, it WOULD be nice, but it'd likely interfere with my preferred reading method - big stack of comics in a pile, me in the middle with a mug of tea and a tin of biscuits, and the pile getting slowly transferred to the "done" pile...

Kid said...

Nah, mentioned them quite a few times, THB - most recently, the Pow! one, in the Odhams first issues post. I've got most of them (apart from Giggle) in single issues as well. To me, it's the fact that these are the actual Odhams file copies which give them their appeal; when it comes to scanning purposes 'though, they're practically useless.

John Pitt said...

I am SO envious! These are PRICELESS!!

Kid said...

And they're ALL MINE!!!!!

John Pitt said...

I was wondering if you also had the Odhams Eagles containing Tales Of Asgard to compliment your Power Comics collection?

Kid said...

As well as having Eagle #1, I've also got the issue that reprinted the first Tales of Asgard story, JP.

John Pitt said...

I've got an idea for a future post, should you ever be stuck for an idea and when you come across the comics when unpacking - how about " more Marvel in UK comics", showing the Eagle Tales Of Asgard and examples of the Marvel strips in TV 21.
This would bridge that gap between the last Smash with Marvel in and TMWOM #1.

Kid said...

I'll certainly bear that in mind for the future, JP. I should be able to do one on the Marvel strips in TV21 because I have a few images in my computer files (as well as owning actual issues).

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