Thursday, 29 January 2015


From SMASH! Annual 1967

Believe it or not, there once used to be two DOCTOR DOOMs
inhabiting the same comics universe.  As well as MARVEL's Doom,
there was also the evil adversary of The MAN From B.U.N.G.L.E.,
who appeared weekly in SMASH!, stablemate to WHAM!, which had
The FANTASTIC FOUR.  Both publications fell under the POWER
COMICS banner, both reprinted Marvel strips, and some of the U.K.
humour strips occasionally referred to the Marvel ones (like The
HUMBUGS in Wham! mentioning the FF one week).

So for any U.S. readers unaware of the fact, here's the second
Doctor Doom trying to do away with The Man from B.U.N.G.L.E.
 Okay, okay - yours existed first!  (But ours was funnier!) 

And to save you having to turn your computer
screen upside down, here's the SOLUTION:


John Pitt said...

You know, I could NEVER work out how the Man from BUNGLE could get out of his situations in the weekly. Not once!
I suspect whoever came up with them went on to write the clues for Ted Rogers' 3-2-1!

Kid said...

The solutions seldom (if ever) made any sense anyway. What was to stop Doom shooting him as he was untying his legs. In the 'real' world, criminals don't stand around doing nothing as the good guy escapes.

TwoHeadedBoy said...

And THIS Doctor Doom bares a passing resemblance to Judge Doom, of Who Framed Roger Rabbit fame...

Kid said...

Maybe they're really all the same Doom - or some of his robots? Nah, that's silly.

TC said...

DC also had their own Doctor Doom, a smuggler whose first appearance was in Detective Comics #158 (April 1950). It was also his last appearance. He tossed a grenade at Batman and Robin, then jumped into a mummy case to shield himself from the blast. The Dynamic Duo survived by taking cover behind a doll house, while the force of the explosion jammed the mummy case shut, and Doom suffocated. Unfortunately for Doom, Batman didn't have a Bat-Crowbar handy in his utility belt.

Kid said...

What, no Bat-laser to cut through the case and free him? And here I thought that Batman was always prepared, TC. I feel let-down.

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