Tuesday, 13 January 2015


Images copyright D.C. THOMSON & Co., Ltd

Okay, peeps, here's what you've been waiting for - even more
captivating covers from the DENNIS The MENACE Books for you
to salivate and sigh over, while you try to contain your envy that they're
mine and not yours.  (Whaddya mean, you've all got a set?  And in
much better condition?  Rats!  Can't a guy revel in the joy of his
possessions without you spoiling it for him?  Ah, well!)

As you'll know, where the back cover is the exact same as the front,
I haven't bothered showing it - no point, is there?  Anyway, as your own
copies are doubtless stored in burglar-proof, air-tight safes, I'll let  you
cop a gander at mine - just to remind you what they look like.

Be sure to return for Part Three - or GNASHER will
come 'round to your house and bite you on the bum!

This was the first brand-new Dennis book I ever purchased.  I bought
them all as they were issued from that point on, acquiring older ones
whenever the opportunity presented itself

This was the very first 'full' colour book (except for flesh tones
in the interior strips).  No books were issued for 1980 or '82

A cracking wintry scene, I'm sure you'll agree.  One glance at this cover
conjures up images of the view from my bedroom window (in another
house) of a similar snow-covered winter wonderland in 1985 & '86


Gey Blabby said...

I didn't know any better at the time - not having heard the name spoken aloud - but to this day I still sound out the 'G' in Gnasher - Gnnnasher. He was such a strange, ugly wee brute when he came along that the unusual pronunciation seemed to suit him. Even when we learned it was silent, my friends and I continued to say it with a wink and a nod.

Kid said...

I probably did the same, GB. I think it sounds funnier to pronounce the 'G'. I also sometimes say 'orgy' with a hard 'g' for the same reason.

Gey Blabby said...

You often have occasion to be talking about orgies, Kid?

Kid said...

Well, if there's one on, I don't mind helping out if their short-handed. (He joked.)

John Pitt said...

We actually have a CAT who resembles Gnasher! Although her temperament is more like Minnie the Minx!

Kid said...

Looks like Gnasher? Time you gave its fur a brush, JP.

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