Wednesday, 4 April 2012


I haven't seen the new JOHN CARTER movie yet - don't
know if I'll bother.  I've read some good reviews and some bad
ones, so I'm as yet undecided on how to spend my hard-earned
dosh in the cinema stakes.  If you're in the same boat, here's a
sort of' 'trailer' for it - from way back in 1972.  Perhaps it'll
help you make up your mind.


And below is the cover of the comic from which the story you've
just read and hopefully enjoyed came.  Reached a decision yet?


baab said...

its a very enjoyable movie.
And yes the comic you have posted would serve very well for a section of the movie.
I have never read the books,but I have read various other similar interpretations....

But going by your post they must have stuck closely to the source materials.

Kid said...

I've never read the books myself - must do one day, hopefully. Great Murphy Anderson art, eh?

baab said...

did murphy anderson do superman at anytime,facially his lead has that look?
i can see where it has influenced the likes of maybe dave gibbons ..maybe... I must admit it did not grab me .
what does grab me is gil kane,and my first 'OF MARS' type of strip,that was gullivar jones ,I think he was the warrior of mars,I dont recall at the moment,but that was it.
reprinted black n white planet of the apes british..I think..hehe
I may be trying not to reminisce for a couple of days,Ive made myself sick with nostalgia the past few weeks...ha!
Really appreciate the time and effort you put in Kid.

Kid said...

Murphy inked Superman artist Curt Swan for a few years in the early '70s, and so well-thought of was his contribution that the art was often credited to 'Swanderson'. He did also illustrate Superman by himself on occasion 'though. Thanks for the kind words.

B Smith said...

I could be wrong, but that artwork looks less like Anderson solo, and more like Anderson inking Rich Buckler to me.

Kid said...

I've never seen Buckler's name associated with it in 40 years so I doubt he was involved - and Murphy Anderson's signed his name to it. Having said that, however, one can never know for sure. Did Anderson ever use Buckler as an assistant? Anyone know?

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