Thursday, 5 April 2012


With the imminent release of the new AVENGERS movie upon us,
now might be a good time to re-acquaint yourselves with the origins and
history of the super-team from their earliest four-colour appearances back
in the '60s. Allow me, therefore, to recommend the MARVEL OMNIBUS
edition of the group's first 30 issues, painstakingly restored from the best
sources available, along with pin-ups, letter pages and loads of
extra bonus features.

What else could you possibly want to spend your money on?
Rush out and get your copy today! (I got mine from my local
FORBIDDEN PLANET - look for one in your area.)

ISBN #978-0-7851-5846-2 


baab said...

i look to the shelf,and I have the marvel masterwork.
it only has issues 1 - 10 .
1 - 30 must be a tome!
probably does not have any of the extras you mention.

I am really tempted to purchase the essentials series of thor and the fantastic four - there are various periods where Jack Kirby just excels !

And seeing as my first exposure to a lot of these stories were british black n white.....the lack of colour wont be a problem.

still have to unwrap my treasury editions bought recently though,I have to wait for that moment that desires me to read them. ha!

Kid said...

Unfortunately, the first printings of the Masterworks series were a tad haphazard when it came to printing the pin-ups with certain issues. Also, the colour schemes did not adhere to the originals and some of the sources were washed out and lacking detail. Frankly, some of the so-called 'restoration' was extremely clumsy.

Since then, the recent softcover Masterworks editions have, in the main, been extremely well-produced, restoring the original colours and using better quality proofs. The Omnibus volumes tend to use the same sources - with the exception of the FF one (both printings), wherein the issues #2-10 are not as good as the softcover Masterworks edition.