Friday, 30 September 2011


What was a fella to do?  I had forgotten her birthday and
the shops were closed.  What could a woman want by way of
a belated card for her neglected birthday celebrations?  And
then it came to me:  "A picture of myself of course!".

So I set to work.  I quarter-folded a blank piece of A4
paper and then did a quick pen and acrylic ink coloured pic
of myself (as I then looked, with beard and short hair), added a
humorous message and popped it in the post.  (That's a black
and white photocopy of the original colour illo above.)

They say it's the thought that counts;  well, I thought
about enclosing a tenner with it - but then I thought
better of it.  Two thoughts are better than one, right?

Apparently not.

Women!  Never happy, are they?


Hackers said...

Did it work? :)

Kid said...

Who can ever really tell with women? But look on the bright side - I saved myself a tenner.

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