Friday, 9 September 2011


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Okay, peeps, today we're going to re-present the
first instalment of the remainder of JOURNEY Into
MYSTERY #83.  Wouldn't want your lives to be in-
complete now, would we?

Looking at the last page, it's clear that Mike Morgan
was falling to his death, but the Comics Code must've ob-
jected to this grisly ending and insisted on changes.  The first
clue is the caption in the 2nd panel of page 5 - "And in those
last nightmarish seconds of Mike Morgan's life..." is a give-
away that he was receiving his just comeuppence.

The last two panels have clearly been re-lettered by
a different hand to give the impression that he survives,
and the final panel itself seems to have been altered, as the
figure doesn't look like the work of DON HECK, who drew
the rest of the strip.  "Guess I might as well glide down and
save him..." ?  Get real - he's splattered all over the land-
scape by now - unless he was falling in slow motion.

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And, if you haven't already, be sure to see the previous
post for the origin of THOR The MIGHTY!

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