Saturday, 10 September 2011


It has once again been brought to my attention that, over on the
pages of another blog, some rather sad individual continues to delude
himself that the majority of dissenting voices who post comments in
response to his ramblings all spring from the same source.  He hasn't
named anyone, but it seems all too obvious who he's got in mind.

Leaving aside his absurd notion that only one person (allowing for
hyperbole) in the world is likely to disagree with him, if I'm correct on
who he's trying to implicate in such an underhand fashion, then I can
say with 100% categorical assurance that he is completely wrong.

Someone has even suggested to me that he's writing some of these
comments himself in a sneaky attempt to portray the subject of his
ire in a negative light, while he himself postures as the champion of
a comics community besieged by unfair and unfounded criticism.

Far-fetched?  Perhaps, but I notice that whenever he has these
little blog 'spats', his response numbers go through the roof.
Attention junkie?  I'll leave it for you to decide.


Kid said...

[*In response to this post, the individual concerned made this comment on his own blog...]

"I see that a certain person on his own blog says that I think that all the criticisms of The Dandy on this thread come from him."

[*Actually, I said "the same source" - I made no mention of myself.]

"Well Mr.Paranoid, if I thought that, I'd have blocked their posts just as I blocked your resentment-filled bile."

[*What I would call "paranoid" is his presumption that "an obvious troll" (regardless of whom he assumes this troll to be) is behind a fair number of dissenting comments on his blog. Note also his casual description of "resentment-filled bile" in connection to myself. The only resentment-filled bile on view is his own contemptuous responses to those who refuse to see things his way.]

"Furthermore, he then goes on to suggest I'm writing all the anti-Dandy comments myself so I can "posture" as a champion of the comics community. Not only is that absolute cobblers but it also contradicts his own comment that he's not the only lone voice against The Dandy!"

[*Wrong again. I merely mentioned that somebody ELSE had mentioned it to me as something to be considered. (And they didn't necessarily mean ALL anti-Dandy comments - only the ones he responded to in a particular way.) I even allowed for the possibility of it perhaps being a little "far-fetched". Also, I made no reference to myself not being a "lone voice" against The Dandy. What I DID say is that it's extremely unlikely that criticism of The Dandy (of the kind which he seems to take specific exception to) springs only from one source. And for me to merely mention two possible alternative options (either one or the other) can hardly be cited as an example of me contradicting myself.]

"As we've seen here (and elsewhere) there are several people who have expressed their dislike of the current Dandy. I've never even implied it was only one disgruntled person!"

[*He has certainly implied that more than one critical comment originated from the same person, even if he has been careful not to explicitly state it. It's a pattern much evident in previous posts on various subjects. Whenever he encounters reasoned disagreement, he attributes most of it to originating from some disgruntled "obvious troll".]

"By the way sunshine, if you look back in these comments you'll see the person I called an "obvious troll" was 'Jack Silver' NOT you! So get that chip off your shoulder and relax."

[*What I see is him slyly suggesting that this "obvious troll" is someone whose name isn't necessarily "Jack Silver".

I have to say, for a fat bloke he's good at somersaults. Especially when it comes to trying to disentangle himself from the logical implications of what he says.]

Mr Straightman said...

I quoted him out of context and stabbed him in the back, apparently.
It's all too sad for words really.
Especially as we have the Dandy's best interests at heart.

Kid said...

His ego apparently can't accept any criticism. See, 'cos he's on the comic, he thinks he knows best. As you point out, people care about the comic, hence the many comments about it. But if you don't see things his way, then he sulks and gets aggressive.

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