Tuesday, 6 September 2011


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Being a long-time Frankie fiend, I thought I'd post the covers from the MARVEL COMICS run of The MONSTER Of FRANKENSTEIN from the early '70s.  (It changed its title to The FRANKENSTEIN MONSTER with issue #6.)  Marvel's colour comic only lasted for eighteen issues, so we'll start you off with the first six and trust you to come back and see upcoming instalments.  So stay tuned - you don't want to miss 'em.  (Click on images to enlarge, then click again for optimum size.)

GARY FRIEDRICH wrote the first eleven issues (1-4 being an adaptation of MARY SHELLEY's novel, first published in 1818), with DOUG MOENCH taking over from #s 12-17, and BILL MANTLO writing the final issue.  MIKE PLOOG was responsible for the art chores on the first six issues, being followed by JOHN BUSCEMA, BOB BROWN, and VAL MAYERIK (with an assist on the last issue by BERNIE WRIGHTSON). 

I know Marvel released a Frankenstein ESSENTIALS volume a while back, but I'm not sure if there's been an OMNIBUS edition yet.  If and when they do, you could spend your money on something a lot less worthy.  More Frankie covers to follow.  (To see Part 2, click here.)

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