Thursday, 9 June 2016


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All you HULK fans out there will love this new release
in MARVEL's EPIC COLLECTION series.  It contains
not only all six issues of his own mag, but also every one of his
guest appearances in other titles before securing a second stab
at super-stardom in TALES To ASTONISH.  The TOA strips
will doubtless appear in their own volume in the future, but for
the moment, this is the book on which to shell-out your hard-
earned shekels.  Get yourself straight 'round to your
local purveyor of comics and books today!

(And dotcha just love that front cover?)



Phil said...

I first read those in Mighfy World of Marvel!

Philip Crawley said...

Kid, You're gonna keep us poor with all these volumes you keep bringing to our attention, and do you live in a house or a TARDIS? (how do you find the space for them all in your place?) Even though I have 95% of this material in other collections there is something appealing about having it all in one volume. That section of small print at the bottom of the back cover noteing that the volumes are not published in chronological order, while enlightening, is a source of frustration in as much as I have been waiting for volume two of the Silver Surfer, collecting the 18 issue run in his own mag by all accounts. Is there a release schedule online somewhere for these that may give some time frame for its appearance?

Kid said...

I first read them in Smash!, Marvel Collectors' Item Classics, and also MWOM, Phil. Read the Thor Vs. Hulk one in Fantastic Annual 1969.


I live in one of them new TARDIS-Houses, PC - they're all the rage. I have all 100% of the Hulk volume in various other publications, but it's nice, as you say, to have all these particular tales in one book. Not sure if there's an online release schedule, but I prefer to be surprised.

Rip Jagger said...

This is a great darn collection. When I gathered together a full collection of Essential volumes from Marvel's earliest days (the Ant-Man volume was the last) I took them out and read them as if I was picking up the comics off the stands. Month by month and what I learned was that after the Hulk's cancellation the character became a regular co-star in other comics, and was in something almost every month after that until he got a new series kick off in Tale to Astonish. For a short time, the saga of the Hulk was the Marvel Universe in a weird way. I've just been thinking I'd like to read some of those again and I stumble across this volume yesterday which does just that, collects all the Hulk stories in chronological order. Outstanding! I might have to get it.

Rip Off

Kid said...

You WILL have to get it, Rip. Not only is it Epic, it's Essential. (And how could you resist that cover?) Marvel are doing themselves (and us) proud with these volumes.

Colin Jones said...

Kid, my neighbours are now pensioners but when I first moved in (next week will be 14 years) the husband said to me "People say our house is like the Tardis" - it took a few moments for my brain to warm up and I said "Oh, you mean it's bigger on the inside". I could see what he meant - from the street the house didn't look very big but it extended way back so there was plenty of room inside.

Kid said...

CJ, I inadvertently deleted your comment, so I cut & pasted it from my email inbox. 14 years, eh? I'll have been back in this house for 29 years in August. First moved in 44 years ago this month.

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