Thursday, 2 June 2016


Looking for a bookmark?  Well, here's one that was given away in an issue of KNOCKOUT back in the '70s.  Print it out and it's yours.  (Isn't that good of me?)


baab said...

I asked if you remembered these on one of your recent Knockabout posts.
It may not have been suggested in the comic,but I thought you put it in your blazer pocket with the hands hanging over the pocket.
I did not think of it as a bookmark,unless I did, but by wearing it on my person it was a statement of my geekery!

I also remember there was an assortment of these that week,any ideas?

Kid said...

I just assumed it was primarily a bookmark, although maybe it was also intended for the purpose you suggest. (It rings a bell in fact.) I believe there was a selection of characters, Baab, but I've forgotten where my Knockouts are stored so I can't check which ones until I find them again. (Got a full set.)

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