Friday, 10 June 2016


"Where's TRI-MAN?" you've doubtless all been asking (irony),
so in answer to absolutely no requests, here's the latest double instal-
ment of the incredible one's adventures.  Y'know, as I gad about the
streets of Glasgow, I'm often lost in contemplation of how to satisfy the
strident demands of all you eager Criv-ites.  However, sorry to disap-
point anyone, but there's no way I'm tying some bricks to my ankles
and jumping into the River Clyde - so you'll just have to come up
with a less drastic demand for your usually accommodating host.

Only four more posts to go before Tri-Man reaches the end
of the road, frantic ones.  Whatever will you do then?  (Okay,
so which wiseguy said buy some bricks for my ankles?)


John Pitt said...

Yes, we have all been waiting for this next instalment of the greatest British Super-hero since Johnny Future ( until Captain Britain came out!)
I wish they had kidnapped Beecher, though, instead!

Kid said...

I knew YOU were waiting, JP, but interest in T-M seems a bit thin on the ground. Seems to have been the same back in 1969 as well.

John Pitt said...

And I knew that you knew that I'd be waiting!
Going to miss him when it's all over!

Kid said...

You'll be able to revisit him any time you feel like it, JP. (Clickety-click.)

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