Friday, 24 June 2016


Just to clear things up, this is PHIL, a fairly
regular commenter.  What I want to know is, is this
the Phil who's still commenting nicely (as I assume),
or is it the Phil who's sending me abusive comments
because I suspected someone else was impersonating
him in order to get comments published?  (I'd be sur-
prised if it is.)  Whoever is sending rude remarks has
blotted their copybook on this blog - forever.  How
some people using the same first name as others
expect me to tell between them is beyond me. 
(Use surnames as well perhaps?)


Phil S said...

I m still here ! And dr strange will be appearing at the July 4 parade. I think in future I shall post as Phil S.

Kid said...

Good man, Phil. That'll help me differentiate between you and any other Phils. Cast a spell on them on July 4th.

DeadSpiderEye said...

I think I've spotted a flaw in the logic here, if there's a person intent on posing as Phil aka Dr. Strange, won't he just post as Phil S?

Kid said...

Emphasis on the word 'if', DSE, if one is posing as another. It'll certainly help to distinguish between different Phils 'though, if there's more than one.

John Pitt said...

I know! - the real Phil ( above ) could send you a reply for your eyes only, telling you from now on, he will sign as ??, but don't print it, then only you will know and whenever you see a "Phil" not using this secret code will be the imposter!

Kid said...

Ingenious, JP, but 'Phil S' will do for me. I've previously assumed whenever a Phil has left a comment that it was the same Phil, but there seems to have been more than one, possibly two or three for all I know. At least now, I'll know which Phil is which. (Although one of them is barred for his rudeness.)

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