Saturday, 19 March 2016


Here's a page from the 1965 TV CENTURY 21 SUMMER
EXTRA, featuring an ad for a couple of Annuals, one of which I got
for Christmas.  I also had the STINGRAY Annual, but I can't remember
if I got it new at around the same time, or it was a later acquisition from
a pal or a jumble sale.  I have a vague idea it was bought new 'though.  I
must have purchased the Summer Extra in June or July of '65, and I re-
call seeing a display of both Annuals in a shop called KRAZY KUTS
in my local town centre from September on, while still living in
the house my family would move from come November.

I didn't get either Annuals 'though, until I was living in our new
house, so it's a bit strange to associate the covers and even some of
the contents with both houses, even 'though, in the case of the former
abode, it was only from looking through the books in the shop, and in
the latter, from the comfort of an armchair (or sitting against one
while sat on the carpet) in our new residence.

Krazy Kuts was a great shop (it was a CO-OP owned shop,
if I recall correctly), and survived well into the '80s.  I replaced the
Annuals a good number of years ago, and one glance at either one of
them reminds be of two houses and a shop, and what a great time it
was to be a child in the greatest decade of the 20th century.

This has been a completely self-indulgent, random, rambling
 Robson reminiscence for no good reason that I can think of.


Colin Jones said...

Kid, I'm surprised you've made no mention at all of the death of Sylvia Anderson. Doesn't the legendary Sylvia deserve a tribute post ? And surely Lady Penelope is a worthy Babe of the Day ?

Kid said...

Can't cover everyone who dies, CJ, and Gerry was the main driving force behind the programmes. Although Sylvia contributed to them, it was purely as a result of being married to Gerry. No Gerry as husband, no Sylvia involvement. Never really fancied Penelope - too much of a snob.

Colin Jones said...

All fair points. Lady Penelope and Parker were the least appealing thing about Thunderbirds I must admit but I'm not particularly a Thunderbirds fan anyway. I saw it for the first time in the '90s on BBC 2 and each episode seemed far too long for a kids' puppet show. I remember the comedian Clive Anderson doing a hilarious impression of an Anderson puppet.

Kid said...

Yeah, I also thought that Thunderbirds was too long. It was originally intended to be a half hour show, CJ, and the first few episodes had been shot as such. However, Lew Grade had sold the show to America as an hour long show, so he ordered the rest of the episodes in production to be shot that way, and new material was shot to extend the half hour ones.

DeadSpiderEye said...

I dunno, I asses Sylvia's contribution to the Anderson legacy as quite significant, although not always positive. I think the split between Anderson and the Provis/Leigh team was partly motivated by Sylvia's ambitions. Unfortunately, when she got her hands on the reins, the first series of Space 1999, she completely lost her head and blew the budget on the first episode. The Parker/Penelope partnership in Thunderbirds is almost definitely her contribution. Without it, it's difficult to see how that show could sustain dramatic tension, without a lot of effort building guest characters, not an easy task with a puppet show.

Kid said...

I'm not sure who created Lady Penelope, DSE, but her image and voice is certainly Sylvia's. However, I think Thunderbirds would've been a success even without Lady Penelope, although then we probably wouldn't have had Parker either. Probably the most important contributor was Derek Meddings, because without his great special effects (and designs), the programmes would've been damp squibs.

Phil said...

Speaking of I think it would be nice to have a mention of Sylvia Anderson who just passed on. Farewell Lady Penelope!

Kid said...

Take a look at Moonbase Central in my blog list, Phil. They gave her a nice mention a few days back.

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