Wednesday, 16 March 2016


Image copyright MARVEL COMICS

Originally drawn by STEVE DITKO for the cover of SPIDER-
MAN's debut issue, AMAZING FANTASY #15 (but rejected by
STAN LEE in favour of one by JACK KIRBY), this illo eventually
fulfilled its destiny as a front cover (even if only as a variant) on the
final ish of Spidey's own mag.  Ditko definitely drew his version first,
because the speech balloons and cover blurb were photostatted,
then pasted down on Kirby's incarnation of the cover.


Oh no, did it again.  Already featured this cover in this series,
then forgot I'd done so.  The old memory is failing me over and
over again lately - I'd better start keeping a scorecard.


Graham said...

Cool. I've never seen this before. I think I like this one better than the Kirby cover.

Colin Jones said...

Stan Lee made the right choice - the Jack Kirby cover is better. But it's nice that this one finally saw the light of day.

Kid said...

It certainly has charm, G. I like them both. Kirby's is more dynamic, but there are a couple of faults with it that Ditko's doesn't have.


I think Spidey's left arm is too long in Kirby's version, CJ, and the guy under his right arm looks like a dwarf. It certainly has power 'though.

Phil said...

I'm reading Stan's comic book biography called Stan lee's marvelous memoir. In it he says "whenever reporters would do articles about Marvel, they always seemed to focus exclusively on me. It bothered Hack so much I even drafted a letter that said " to whom it may concern" and stated that Jack Kirby was the co creator of the many a marvel characters he drew for us". Nothing to do with Spider- man, just passing it on. Stan considered the artist and writer co creators. We all knew that just repeating it.

Kid said...

Is that a Freudian slip, Phil? 'It bothered Hack so much' - meaning Jack, obviously. There's an early '60s interview where Stan says that Jack's just as much the writer of the mags as he (Stan) is, if not more so. He also said that Jack was probably better at coming up with plots than him - hardly sounds like someone trying to deny someone credit, does it?

Phil said...

Bloody autocorrect again

Kid said...

You should have a word with it and threaten it with the sack.

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