Tuesday, 29 March 2016


Image copyright MARVEL COMICS

This comic is mainly reprint, in that it collects The BEAST's
origin tales from the back-up stories that appeared in the X-MEN's
own mag back in the 1960s.  They're topped and tailed by new seg-
ments to draw everything together, but it was probably prepared as
a fill-in issue for when the regular strip had missed the deadline.
However, it's worth it for the JIM STARLIN cover alone.


B Smith said...

Come on now, Kid...did you really demand this? I didn't, and can't think of anyone else I know demanding it....I'd certainly like to see some evidence of this.

Rip Jagger said...

Those Werner Roth origin tales were delightful. Marvel never did as much with back-up features as I thought they ought to have done. The X-Men origin sequence (though interrupted) was a very neat feature.

Rip Off

Kid said...

Well, I didn't demand it, BS, but the editor probably did when he saw that the regular strip wasn't going to meet the deadline.


L loved Werner Roth's art in general, Rip. Even liked his Lois Lane work at DC. Shame he died so young.

Britt Reid said...

Roth passed away at 52, which in the 1960s wasn't all that unusual (50s being "middle-aged" back then).
Are you thinking of Atlas/Marvel artist Joe Maneely, who died at 32 when he fell between cars of a communter train?

Dunsade Dave said...

Werner Roth doesn't get the credit he deserves. Maybe because most (all?) of his Marvel work was on the then-low selling X-Men. Similarly, it's often surprised me that Val Mayerik doesn't seem to have as high a profile as some artists around in the 70s. For me, Mayerik was every bit as good as, say, Rich Buckler (and a hundred times better than Frank Robbins, imo) but never seemed to get the same attention.
What other unsung heroes deserve more credit, any names spring to mind, Kid (or anyone else)?

Kid said...

Werner died in 1973, Britt, and 52 was still too young in my book, middle age or not. If he'd died in 1873, that would've been a better innings for the time. No, I wasn't thinking of Joe Maneely, but now that you mention him, that was a shame as well.


Britt mentioned Joe Maneely, DD, so there's one for a start. Then there's Dave Stevens, and Don Newton. They'r not exactly unsung, but their names are receding from people's lips as time wears on - and they deserve never to be forgotten.

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