Monday, 14 March 2016


Remember when PENELOPE CRUZ was going out
with action man TOM CRUISE?  (I call him 'action man'
because he's about the same height as one.)  My local news-
paper referred to them once as 'Mr. & Mrs. Tom Cruise'.
They weren't married, and their surnames were spelt dif-
ferently, which demonstrates the level of reporting
accuracy of my local rag.  Journalists, eh?

However, that's got nothing to do with her being
easy on the eye, so feel free to admire her beauty.


Colin Jones said...

Kid, if you're interested pop over to Andrew May's blog because I've added another comment in our little "exodus from Earth" discussion - but this'll be the last one...honest :D

Kid said...

Answered. CJ, I've asked you before not to delete your comments after I've taken the time to answer them. You said you wouldn't, but you're still doing it. Perhaps it would be better to put a little more thought into your comments before posting them, then you wouldn't feel the need to pull them afterwards. However, it's extremely irritating, and if you keep doing it I simply won't publish them from now on. Okay?

Colin Jones said...

You don't leave me with much choice, Kid, so okay :)

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