Saturday, 5 March 2016


For those interested in the history of American comicbooks 
(notice that I render the term as one word, just like STAN LEE),
this scintillating series of volumes by TwoMorrows Publishing sure
hits the spot.  Lavishly illustrated, each book explores a different decade
(with the swingin' '60s being accorded two tomes) from the '50s to the
'80s.  A fascinating and illuminating look at the history of the medium,
these five volumes are just what every true comicbook fan should
have on his bookshelf.  (If he's got a bookshelf that is.)

Read the back covers for further details about each book.


B Smith said...

Bookshelf? Add floor, top of filing cabinets, cupboards, wardrobes and desks and you're closer to it.

Kid said...

Actually, although I do have a couple of bookcases (and therefore the shelves), that's pretty much the same for me too, BS.

Philip Crawley said...

Ah yes, these I do have well, except for the 80s volume, that's when comics kinda lost me for a while for some reason. The 50s to the 70s is where the great stuff was anyway, for me. But that could have been because I discovered most of it in the heady days of the 60s and 70s and nothing leaves an impression like your first time, if you know what I mean. These volumes do bring it all back on leafing through them and I love that they cover all of the companies,not just DC and Marvel - Gold Key, Harvey, Carlton...etc. And I think it would be fair to say that most of us of a certain age would have the fruits of a lifetime of collecting jostling for space in some part of our house. Some items, in my case the Marvel Masterworks, these volumes and a few others, do sit in prime shelf position for easy (and regular) access. Good to have a wife who though not a collector herself, understands that her husband is!

Kid said...

Ah, but your wife IS a collector, PC - she collected YOU! And I'm sure she regards you as a collectors' item classic! Some nice images in these books, but I've still to sit down with just one and read it all the way through; I keep dipping in and out of all of them.

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