Tuesday, 1 March 2016


From the pages of SMASH! #4, cover-dated February 26th 1966,
comes another two pages of irrepressible KEN REID manic madness
in the form of QUEEN Of The SEAS.  Just check out the detail in each
panel - absolutely stunning!  I'd love to see them in colour, wouldn't you?
Some later episodes were in colour, but I'm talking about a more subtle
colour, not the slightly overpowering kind that was used at the time,
where all the outlines were in blue.

Anyway, whether in colour or black and white, it's always a thrill
to see Ken Reid's art from a time when he was at the very top of his
game.  Want to see more?  Then let me know, frantic ones!


Paul McScotty- Muir said...

Some of Ken Reids very best work -you just can't imagine a strip like this ever being published again in any comic - great stuff

Kid said...

And nowadays there are few cartoonists capable - or willing - to put that amount of work into a strip, McS. Ken's work from this period is simply a joy to behold.

Philip Crawley said...

"Want to see more?" - need you ask - bring 'em on. A lot of these are new to me so it's a treat to seem more of Ken Reid's work when he was at the top of his game. Examples of Frankie seem more likely to turn up online (in my travels anyway, maybe I'm not going to the right sites) than these. And yes zooming in to run your eyeballs around the detail in each panel is well worth the effort. Makes you wonder how long it took him to draw each page given that amount of detail, doing both pencils and inks. Thanks again for these.

Kid said...

Nae bother, PC, and thanks for taking the time to say how much you enjoy them. (And I'm sure you admire my restraint in NOT saying that if you're going to any other sites than this one, then you're right - you're not going to the right sites.)

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