Monday, 14 March 2016


One of the good things about being a kid is the way you
can sprawl over the floor, reading your comics or playing with
your toys.  When friends or relatives dropped in, the livingroom
chairs were occupied so there was no option but to plonk your-
self on a spot on the carpet and amuse yourself the best way you
could.  I remember playing with my red MATCHBOX VOLKS-
WAGEN FLYING BUG (with a little German-helmeted driver
at the wheel, and a Germanic flag on the bonnet), scudding it
over the floor then retrieving it from under the card table.
(A table for playing cards, not one made of card.)

I also recall lying on the floor reading early'70s issues of
COMICS WEEKLY while visiting relatives chatted away with
my parents.  It was cooler on the floor as the air which slid under
the door had a refreshing quality to it, and kept you from overheat-
ing when the electric fire was on.  One of the many things I regret
about being a 'grown-up' (allegedly) is that society expects adults
to behave with 'propriety', and lying on the carpet is seemingly
not regarded as acceptable behaviour for anyone over
the age of 14 or 15. 

Which is perhaps just as well because, easy as it may be
to park yourself on the axminster, once you reach a certain
age, it's a helluva lot harder to pick yourself up again.  Who
was it said that old age doesn't come alone?  Whoever it
was, dang me if they weren't 100% correct.

Hands up all those who'd rather be a kid again.


paul Mcscotty said...

One of my favourite toys as a kid was MATCHBOX cars, I had loads of them (and the Matchbox motorway set) but never seen that wee gem was it part of a similar looking set?

If I lay on the floor at my age to read I wouldn't be able to get back up again so I tend to avoid that (unless Vodka is invoved :) )

Kid said...

There was a series of them, so it was part of a set in that sense, McS, but they were sold individually, not together (as far as I know). I bought the car (my original one that is) in 1972, so truth to tell, I was probably too old to be playing with toy cars as I was 13 - couldn't resist it 'though.

TwoHeadedBoy said...

Got a fair few of those Matchbox cars with the heads sticking out the top (four I think?).

Sitting on the floor's all well and good, but whenever I've tried it over the last few years I end up with pins and needles within a few minutes. Kids must have special "flood glands" built in (or something like that), and they evaporate once puberty hits. Just a theory.

Kid said...

As a kid I used to be able to sit on an armchair for hours, reading my comics with my legs folded up underneath me, and have no adverse effects, but now they'd go numb within minutes. Funny that, eh?

B Smith said...

" I was probably too old to be playing with toy cars as I was 13 - couldn't resist it 'though."

Would have been easier to resist if they didn't look so cool.

Kid said...

Yeah. I'd bought the original from the proceeds of my Saturday car-washing enterprise (got a replacement for it over 20 years ago - box and all). One of my pals liked it so much, he bought one as well.

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