Sunday, 6 March 2016


Image copyright MARVEL COMICS

Here's the latest addition to my OMNIBUS collection -
the third volume of The FANTASTIC FOUR, containing #s
61-93 and Annuals 5-7.  Normally, I go for volumes featuring an
original JACK KIRBY cover, but they were sold out, so I had
to 'settle' for an ALEX ROSS alternate cover instead.  (I'll
probably acquire a Kirby dustjacket at a later date.)

This volume reprints the four-part classic tale where The
SKRULLS capture Ben Grimm, The THING, and take him
to a planet modelled after the roaring 1920s & '30s in the USA
during the period of Prohibition to fight in 'The Great Games'.
This was the last continued adventure under the helm of Kirby
and STAN LEE, the remainder of their run consisting of
single ish stories until Jack's final issue, #102.

Mighty Marvel Magic at its bombastic best!


Colin Jones said...

That's actually a really nice cover - I'm not usually a fan of Alex Ross but I like that cover and the Dr. Strange cover. This volume also contains the story before the Skrulls one where Reed and Sue buy that house built by the Mole Man - I read that story in The Titans No. 31 and 32 and I was fascinated by the futuristic house.

Kid said...

Not usually a fan of Alex Ross? You continue to surprise me, CJ. I've got the original U.S. issues of 'The Moleman' story, as well as 'The Skrulls' one, but it's nice to see them in a big, fat, over-sized Omnibus edition.

Colin Jones said...

Kid, I'm not usually a fan of Alex Ross because I'm not too keen on that "photo-realistic" look but sometimes it works - last May I downloaded Volume 2 of "Hulk" which had an excellent Alex Ross cover. I realize you know this already but that Mole Man story had a terrible continuity blunder - at the end of Part 1 the Thing is in the Baxter Building but when Part 2 starts he is in the Mole Man's house with the rest of the FF. That stupid mistake spoils the story for me but I still love that weird, futuristic house :D

Kid said...

The last panel (at least) on the last page of the first part of the tale has been redrawn by John Buscema, so I wonder if Ben joined the team at that point in the original Kirby art? But yeah, it's a well-known error. You'd think Stan would've tried to cover it with a bit of dialogue (Ben saying something like "I got here just in time to be captured with the rest of you!"), but he probably never noticed.

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