Tuesday, 22 March 2016


At the risk of being accused of narcissism, I just  had
to post this old photograph of myself I found the other day.
It's from around 1977 or '78 and was extremely faded (having
been reprinted some years ago from a deteriorated negative), but
I applied some computer magic and, hey presto - restored it to
something resembling its former glory.  Now if only I could
do the same thing for myself, I'd be a very happy man.

The memories this photo conjures up are a welcome
reminder of past times, when summer skies seemed bluer,
drifting clouds were whiter, and age and infirmity were beyond
my imagining.  A glimpse of a moment frozen in time forever, but
one that I can now only experience as a spectator from a far dis-
tance, and no longer as a participant in the moment it happened.
However, I'll grab it with gratitude as it's as near to it as I'm
likely to get.  Thank goodness for photos, eh?

Y'know, I really miss being young.  How about the
rest of you?  (Assuming you're not, obviously.)


paul Mcscotty said...

I think it would be a safe bet that most folk miss being young – but what is “young” is it our childhood, pre-teens, 17 – 25, 30 plus etc? and is it the feeling of youth or the time you had that is missed? Apart from missing family and friends (no longer with us) I suppose what I miss most is the option of having “options” (any being able to knell down without going “ahhhh”) as they get less as you get older for most folk (I’m holding out in a job I hate albeit a good one for my pension arghh!). I loved the ages 7 – 13 the most for things like comics, friends, family etc (then again my 20s was fun for girlfriends, pals, holidays my first car and flat etc).

I still do lot of the things I did as a kid and still enjoy them - I still go to concerts to see old and new bands, I still buy comics (most are mince nowadays) I still go to the football most Saturdays (always mince - I support Scotland and Hamilton Accies ) and I still meet my mates for a pint and a vodka at the end of the month and we talk about music, films and football (ok and women) . So whilst I do miss being young I am content being the age I am. I enjoyed my childhood a lot but It would be amazing to revisit it but it is in the past now and time to look forward or you’ll miss your middle age (which is fun as well as being tough at time - as are all age groups ). The thing is I really would not want to be young in 2016.

That’s a pretty cool picture very 70s but pretty cool got a bit of th eold football star/ pop star about you in that one (you must have been a babe magnet in yer youth Kid....what happened to you lol).

Kid said...

McScotty, trust me - I was an ugly, gawky b*st*rd (still am), but by an amazing quirk of fate, I seem to look far better in most photos than I do in the flesh. If girls fancied me, I was quite unaware of it. (Okay, there was that Kim Basinger lookalike, but she blotted her copybook.) In fact, I didn't have my first girlfriend until I was about 17 or 18.

The thing I miss about my youth is that age didn't seem to matter and true adulthood seemed like an eternity away. I also miss my energy, vitality, and optimism, as well as the feeling that the world was my oyster. Now I realize my life is just a quickening countdown to that final exit.

paul Mcscotty said...

Yeah and that "countdown" just seemed to arrive one day totally out of the blue!!

Kid said...

Tell me about it. Well, I'm glad we both managed to cheer one another up. (Sob!)

Phil said...

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Kid said...

I'll have to live with my reprints, Phil. I'd have to sell my hair to afford that issue.

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