Sunday, 31 August 2014


Okay, so I lied - about being 'true' I mean.  What you're looking at
is a fictional account from the TV CENTURY 21 Annual for 1969
about how the 'newspaper' came into being.  It gets its facts wrong from
the start, saying that the first edition rolled off the presses on January
27th 2065 - even 'though its clearly dated January 23rd.  Note also
the bit about the periodical being expected to be selling in the same high
numbers in ten years as it did initially - 'though it was highly likely to be
showing signs of falling circulation at the time this piece was written.

So, not much truth about it, but interesting nonetheless.  Like to
see more from the TV21 Annuals?  Then let me know, pilgrims!


John Pitt said...

Kid, I only ever had ( and still have ) the first annual, so yes please, feel free to show us ANYTHING from any of the others.

Kid said...

Will do, JP.

B Smith said...


Kid said...

Noted, BS.

John Pitt said...

Only TWO of us so far?!?! That is a surprise! We're talking about TV21 here! - Argueably a contender for the BEST UK comic ever!!
You know if someone offered me every issue of only ONE UK comic, this is the one I would choose!
And I KNOW that there are many more lovers of the comic out here.

Kid said...

Unfortunately, they don't all read this blog, JP.

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