Monday, 18 August 2014


strip which appeared in TV COMIC for just over a staggering 25 years,
from his first appearance in 1959 right up 'til his last one in the final issue
in '84.  I suspect that for quite a few years (and perhaps even longer), the
strips were reprints, but ol' MM is one of the longest-lasting characters
in British comics.  (Or at least he was up until 30 years ago.)   He's
certainly one of the best-remembered ones.

The above strip should serve to demonstrate why.
(Here's a clue - it's just plain funny!)  


Paul McScotty -Muir said...

Sorry but I never liked " Mighty Moth" as a kid at all I felt the art was old fashioned / boring (even although now as an adult I see it well drawn) compared to other artists of the day - strange I didn't like the character as one of my favourite cartoon characters at that time was similar, a cartoon called "Fearless Fly" (appeared with a cartoon called" Milton the Monster" on TV) - Im sure I read somewhere that Dick Millington was a pretty wealthy guy and inherited as a young man quite a bit of money and one day his new Jaguar Sports car was stolen with MM art in the back and all he was interested in getting back was the art and not the Jag

Kid said...

Don't like Mighty Moth?! You're barred, you troll! Oops, sorry - thought I was someone else there for a moment. Yes, I remember seeing Fearless Fly on Cartoon Cavalcade, and I remember hearing that story about Dick Millington before. I think it was young George Shiers who related it either on his own blog or in response to one of my posts. Dick Millington also edited TV Comic at one time, but I'm not sure for how long. Mighty Moth can be very funny - that 'ingrowing toenails' line is a belter and had me laughing out loud. Mighty Moth for Prime Minister is what I say.

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