Thursday, 14 August 2014


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One comicbook series I'd have loved to see JIM STARLIN
draw on a regular basis is the FANTASTIC FOUR - inked by JOE
SINNOTT of course.  On the few occasions I saw Jim draw the FF,
he seemed a good fit, and it's a shame that comicdom was denied his
'take' on MARVEL's foremost family.  Anyway, here's the third and
final part of Starlin's mid-'70s run on WARLOCK - lots of lovely
covers and images from the last four issues in the series for you
to swoon and drool over.


Dave said...

Jim Starlin's Warlock issues are one of my favourite comic runs of all time, and this post has inspired me to dig out my copies of the early '80s reprint series to read them again.

Although I was never a massive fan of Starlin's art, he and Adam Warlock were a perfect fit, and the three Strange Tales issues especially had some stunning art in them.

Kid said...

Yeah, the four Strange Tales issues were good. I've got that reprint series too - very nice.

Dave said...

Oops, I should have said 'four Strange Tales issues'. Its been a long day...

Kid said...

Never mind, Dave - pull up a chair, kick off your shoes - and lose yourself in those issues of Warlock.

baab said...

These issues also were important in my life.

Prized possessions at an important time of my life.

I could not tell you any of the story plot or premise,nor all the characters involved.
I know it was Jim Starlin and that is Adam Warlock and the little guy on the bottom right corner of issue 12, is Pip the Troll.

I was involved in music when I was younger and designed most of the posters etc.
I used this bottom right corner with Pip as the poster for my first ever gig.
I think the gig was in 1980 or 1981.

I just used the bubble for the info.
I am sure if I concentrate I could visualise it.

Just a wee bit of my childhood bleeding through to my late teens and giving a reveal to my origins.

The pages you present in this post are pat of a series that have have a certain magic pull on me and I cannot explain it.

Kid said...

It's probably because they take you back to a time in your life when everything seemed bigger, brighter and better and you thought you had forever. We'd all love to go 'home' again, I think - and the past seems like home to me.

John Pitt said...

Prior to these 3 posts I had only ever seen the UK B&W reprints of Warlock.
Boy, did I miss out or what?

Kid said...

Some stories work just as well in black and white as they do in colour, but some are better in colour (and some are better in b&w) - guess these ones needed the colour to capture that 'cosmic' feel.

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