Monday, 11 August 2014


Just a quick post to thank all those of you who've joined
my Blog.  I'd usually reciprocate by joining yours - which I have
done in most cases - but I can't if it's on GOOGLE Plus because
I'm not a member.  I used to be, but it links everything up, so it
meant I had to sign out of one email account (for friends) before
signing into another (for businesses) instead of just opening a
different box (if that makes any sense), so I nixed it.  How-
ever, I want you to know that you're all appreciated.


John Pitt said...

You couldn't join mine, as I don't have one. I tried many times to set up a blog address, but every single letter of the alphabet I started it with - it came up " this address is unavailable ". If I ever succeed I will link you.

Kid said...

Go on, JP - create a blog. Go on, go on, go on, go on.

Jim Serrett said...

I use three Google accounts daily with no problem, do not have to sign in and out.

Try the following

Kid said...

Thanks, Jim. I may not have described the problem precisely, but Google Plus proved a major inconvenience to me, which is why I jumped. I'd have to sign up again to remind myself of the exact nature of my complaint, which I'm reluctant to do because it's such a headache. I'll try and add your site to my Blog list 'though.

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