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My cover was off-centre, with a white spine margin and a cropped
edge on the right.  Images copyright MARVEL COMICS

So here we are with some more lovely JIM STARLIN covers
and images from WARLOCK, published in the mid-'70s.  The cover
from #11 is a particular favourite of mine, summoning forth memories
of a summer afternoon and the murmur of my parents' and their visiting
friends' happy chatter emanating from the livingroom, as I absorbed my-
self in my comics, upstairs.  I always liked Starlin's art, having first seen
it on covers of the U.K. weekly comic The MIGHTY WORLD Of
MARVEL in '72, usually inked by JOE SINNOTT, and capturing
some of the essence of mid-'60s JACK KIRBY.

Feel free to relate your own reminiscences of these mags
in the comments section.  Go on - it's good to share.


Paul McScotty -Muir said...

I loved Starlin's art his heros always looked like they could pound you into pulp I always wished he had done a regular Hulk strip (although he used him as a co-star a lot )- - think my first exposure to Starlin's work was in UK Marvel a well, "Shang Chi - Master of Kung Fu" in Avengers weekly if I recall correctly - Issue 10 of Warlocks own mag was my favourite cover, I kinda lost interest in Starlin a an artist (writer/illustrator) during his days working on Epic magazine (the Metamorphosis Odyssey - Dreadstar)beautifully illustrated but I think I lost interest in SF around this time - saying that Starlin has managed to maintain and keep his art style the same as it was in his heyday (although I can see how some would consider it to look a bit dated but thats a lot to do with how successful he was in the 70s as well)

Kid said...

Ah yes, he'd have been good on the Hulk - WAS good on the Hulk, in fact. I loved the Hulk/Thing team-up, where they fought Kurrgo, Master of Planet X. I also first saw Shang-Chi in the Avengers weekly, but I now have the original U.S. edition of his first appearance as well. I didn't really follow his other stuff if it wasn't the regular Marvel heroes.

Anonymous said...

I like the way it says "pulse pounding premiere issue" even though it's #9 - now that Guardians is a big hit we might see more cosmic Marvel characters such as Warlock. And then,Kid, there'd be the issue that you mentioned the other day, namely who created Warlock - if the film-makers decided not to go with a Him origin would Jack Kirby's estate still say Warlock was Him.

karl said...

Look at the large amount of text and THIS is a book well worth reading. You got your moneys worth in those bygone days.

Kid said...

I think that's because it's two things, CJ. It's the first issue of that particular Jim Starlin ongoing series, but the numbering picks up from a previous 8 issue run called The Power of Warlock.


And there are some pages with a single illustration and a half page of typed text down the side of them, Karl. (I'm not sure that worked, to be honest.)

Paul McScotty -Muir said...

Oh Thats interesting I didn't know Starlin did any Hulk story I will need to pop into City Centre Comic (which is not in the city centre) to check that one out- was it a comic or a "graphic novel" ta

Kid said...

It was in Marvel Feature Presents #11, McScotty - The Thing & The Hulk in "Cry Monster!" There was a sort of follow up to it in an issue of Marvel Fanfare years later, also by Starlin if I recall correctly. The first one is reprinted in Marvel Firsts: The 1970s Vol 2. (It was also in the U.K.'s The Super-Heroes, in b&w, back in the '7os.)

joe bloke said...

he also did a cracking good issue of The Rampaging Hulk magazine ( no 4, I think ), inked by Alex Nino!

Kid said...

I should have the reprint of that in the U.K. Rampage Monthly. I'll take a look, JB.

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