Wednesday, 20 August 2014


Art by Neville Main

Bet you thought I'd forgot, but no sirree, not me, not ever.  Here
are the final pages which complete DOCTOR WHO's first ever comic
strip, first seen in TV COMIC #s 685-687, cover-dated January 23rd
to February 6th 1965, and as coloured for DOCTOR WHO CLASSIC
COMICS #2, published by MARVEL U.K. in 1993.

These tales were simple and unsophisticated, but TV Comic was a
children's periodical after all, and no doubt did what it was designed to
do - which was to entertain kids in their thousands.  Doctor Who jumped
ship over to COUNTDOWN/TV ACTION in 1971, before jumping back
on board TV Comic in '73, where he stayed for six more years.  In 1979,
he got his own comic when Marvel U.K. published DOCTOR WHO
WEEKLY, which, in monthly form, is still being published today.

But let us now return to an earlier era, when the Doctor was still
a white-haired mysterious stranger, whose history was unknown and
whose future was uncertain.  Nobody could have guessed he would
still be around today, over 50 years later.  Enjoy!


John Pitt said...

Still haven't got to the first one I bought yet. It may have been the Zarbi, which I suspect is tantalizingly close. I missed out on the Classic Comics series, so it's great seeing these in colour and following it from the start all over again all these years later. Loads of my favourite comics are re-issued by "Crivens"!!

Kid said...

Another tale from TV Comic Annual 1968 yet to come, JP. We're bound to get to those Zarbi strips soon.

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