Sunday, 14 May 2017


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In the interests of historical accuracy, it behooves me to
say that I'm unsure whether or not I actually owned the above
issue of The FANTASTIC FOUR (#57) in the 1960s, but I defi-
nitely had the next three.  I bought #59 for the piccie of SUSAN
STORM (I refuse to recognise her marriage to REED RICH-
ARDS), but I was soon caught up in the drama within.

FF #58 was my entry point into this adventure, and it was
the first time I'd seen JACK KIRBY's 'evolved' style of art com-
pared to his earlier version of the foursome, when his figures were
leaner and taller-looking.  The colouring gave the pages a mood and
atmosphere that the black and white reprints I was used to lacked,
and I recall the impression the issue made on me.  (My mother
was ironing as I perused Jack's power-packed pages.)

As I said, it was the picture of Susie that was the clincher
in making up my mind to buy the issue below, but I was glad
I did.  I think this was the first time I'd seen BLACK BOLT and
The INHUMANS, but I was far more interested in the main plot
involving the FF and The SILVER SURFER.  In fact, now that I
think of it, it was likely the first time I'd ever seen the Surfer, al-
though I know I had the earlier issue of FF #55, but I bought
that out of sequence after reading these issues.

The next one is 'odd-man-out', because I found a damp
coverless copy of it at the side of a bus-shelter while waiting
on a bus (no surprise there) to go shopping with my mother one
day.  I no longer recall exactly how long it was after reading the
previous two issues, but it was satisfying to find out just how
the story had concluded, and the fate of the Surfer.

Anyway, years later (and many years ago), I purchased
all four issues to add to my collection, and, as I've said before
about loads of other comics, one glance returns me to an earlier
point in time with such clarity that I feel as if I'm back there and
a mere lad again.  It's an illusion of course, but sometimes illu-
sions are the only things we have - and often the best.

Any memories of these mags, chums?  Let's hear 'em. 


TC said...

I had #60, with "The Peril and the Power," and I think I had a previous issue, probably #58, that was part of the same arc. That is, the serial in which Doctor Doom had the Silver Surfer's surfboard. As I recall, Reed tricked Doom into flying into outer space, where he got zapped by Galactus' force field.

Kid said...

That's the very one, TC. One of the best examples of how to do a continued story.

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