Tuesday, 30 May 2017


Once upon a time (no, this isn't a fairy tale), I could tell
you exactly which shop I'd bought any comic, toy, or book
from, but as I get older, I sometimes find myself struggling to
remember whether some items were purchased in this shop or
that shop, or just what the hell shop was it again?  This can be
caused by the similarity of the layouts of certain newsagents in
my youth, causing me in later years to be unsure which one it
was.  Why I'd completely forget in some cases is harder to
explain, but perhaps it's just the onset of old age.

However, there's not the slightest bit of uncertainty in the
case of this book, the PAN paperback of DIAMONDS ARE
FOREVER, which I got from R.S. McCOLL's in the shopping
centre of my home town.  This would've been either 1973 or '74
(once, I could have told you the precise year, but that bit of info is
yet another victim to the passing of the years), and there it was,
staring at me from the paperback spinner-rack next to the one
sporting the comics.  It hadn't been too long since I'd seen the
movie in my local cinema, so I immediately grabbed it and
ran out of the shop (only kidding) up to the counter and
paid for it.  I just loved the cover so had to have it.

Anyway, just received the replacement you see before
you this morning (only 43 or 44 years after buying the first
one I owned), so thought I'd share it with you here.  I haven't
read the book again in all that time, so might re-read it before
very long.  One look at the front and back covers places me
back in that long-vanished R.S. McColl's and I feel as if
I'm a teenager again.  Some memories are forever!


TC said...

Never saw the Pan edition before. In the US, Bantam published a paperback movie tie-in edition in 1971, with the same illustration (the movie poster) on the front cover.

Generally, I don't usually remember where I bought a particular item. In the sixties, there were a lot of newsstands, drug stores, and grocery stores that sold comics, and I never kept track of what came from where. In the 1980's, there were various specialty shops. In some cases, I THINK I remember, e.g., "I bought Avengers #88 and Hulk #140 when they were new, at our local Rexall, and I bought a used copy of Brave & Bold #65 at Collector's World in 1992." But, even then, my memory could be playing tricks.

Kid said...

Thing is, TC, I never tried to remember where I bought things, I just did. Things must've made an impression on me I guess.

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